Please welcome on Stargaze Production webpage!

My name is Martin and I’m a founder of Stargaze Production.


  I’ve been interested in time-lapse photography since 2009. From that time I’ve been continuously collecting a new information and gaining knowledge about this specific combination of the photography and a movie. Since that time I‘ve become obssesed with time-lapse creations.


  After 4 years of learning different techniques of a time-lapse photography and post-production processes, I founded Stargaze Production. The company was founded with the aim to offer special time-lapse production service. We mainly specialise on the creations with emphasis on a nature, for the different promotional purposes. You can find more information about services we offer in category services.


  After 2 year of preparations and processioning of a large amount of materials shooted during the past two years, there are the first few time-lapse creations in 4K resolution from our production.
At the moment we spend time on our current projects completion. We also conceentrate on building up a new clientele and keep spreading our own portfolio. 

Alongside these I keep collecting new time-lapse material for my own videos, either from abroad travels or from my home-country. This work is my passion and fills me with joy and hapiness. I definitely couldn’t be working without being passionate about what I do.


I am going to be glad, if you will watch the results of my work in the category films


For any queries or any further information you can contact me on phone number 00421 911 906 626, or by e-mail at

You can also find Stargaze Production on facebook.

Thanks, for the interest in my creations.




Martin Kochanik

filmmaker, time-lapse photographer

Born: 1988
Nationality: Slovakian
Education: Civil Engineering